Monday, December 27, 2010

Let the Blogging Begin!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and checking out our new blog. This is a first for the both of us, so bear with us as we experiment with the design, content and other modifications we may make on this blog.

To give you a little background about us, we are two friends who met in Girl Scouts 12 long years ago. Through the mutual love of jewelry, baking, scrap booking, and the outdoors, we have remained friends throughout the years despite never having gone to school together.  Amanda is currently a scribe at a local hospital, utilizing her compassion and kindness to pursue a career in nursing. Yumi recently started at USC to obtain her Communication Management Masters degree to further her dream of one day directing a non-profit organization.

Most recently after we both graduated from undergrad, we began making bracelets for fun to give to our friends and family. Growing up in Los Angeles, we have come to love one of a kind, handmade gifts. Our only hope is that you enjoy our jewelry as much as we enjoy making them! All opinions, ideas and advice are welcomed and appreciated :)

As the new year is approaching, we wanted to begin sharing our passion of jewelry making and baking with you all, so check back often to see what's inspiring us and what were working on!


Amanda and Yumi


  1. Your new blog looks great! Glad I stumbled on it!

  2. Nice start. Like the look. Congrats on getting started.

  3. Saw your post on Etsy and thought I would stop by. Your blog looks great and I'm a follower now. Good luck!

  4. Your layout it absolutely too cute!! Look forward to following you girls and perhaps getting inspiration too as I am jewelry designer myself :)

  5. Welcome to blogging! I look forward to reading your posts. So glad I popped by from an etsy forum blog thread :) :)